About Us

Welcome to Labbvenn, where passion for pets meets exquisite design and exceptional quality. Founded in 2016 by two devoted dog enthusiasts and proud owners of a lovable shaggy companion, Labbvenn is dedicated to creating products that enhance the lives of both pets and their owners.

Located at the foot of the majestic Sudetes Mountains in southwest Poland, our company draws inspiration from the natural beauty and tranquility of our surroundings. This unique setting fuels our creativity and commitment to crafting premium pet accessories that combine functionality with elegant design.

At Labbvenn, we believe that every detail matters. From selecting the finest materials to ensuring meticulous craftsmanship, we strive to deliver products that stand the test of time. Our collection ranges from luxurious pet beds to stylish collars and leashes, all designed with your pet’s comfort and your aesthetic in mind.

Join us on our journey to create a world where pet care meets sophistication. Welcome to Labbvenn, where every product is a labor of love.

Finally About Us



Main designer + style creator.
Animal lover and travelling passionate.
Educated to company management with professional experience in operation and business development.


Products developer + sales.
Golden Retrievers lover.
Engineer by education and technology enthusiast.


Main inspirer + comfort inspector.
Fan of good food and long walks.